Openings: 1
Status: Full-time
Location: Bangalore

You will build the foundation for us to emerge as one India’s leading cognitive computing companies. Whether it is thinking about scaling our architecture, getting your hands dirty with data-crunching or basic code, or finding novel insights for us to apply in creating self-managing communities through smart technology, your KPI will be the reduction in the ratio of human power needed to serve the citizens and businesses in our network. You will be responsible for our infrastructure, data, and algorithm layers. It’s a huge responsibility for the right visionary who has the experience to backup their ideas with rapid delivery.

Required Skills:

  • Architecture on the Cloud - You have deployed the latest plug-and-play infrastructure products to help rapidly growing startups scale. Evaluating the applicability and appropriateness of these solutions is second nature to you. Navigating the latest and greatest of AWS is child’s play. You have a track record of building stable and scalable back-end infrastructure. .
  • Security - Cloud and open-source are great but you understand the security and privacy concerns that accompany this wave and have deployed successful solutions to address these. We’re not just talking about just databases.
  • Data, Data, Data!!! - You live, breathe, and are obsessed with how to capture, store, and utilize data. Your first response to requests for something new are to sketch out diagrams of how the request would integrate with current architecture or what additional layers it would require. You’ve taken ownership of entire data flows in past organizations and are adept at translating ideas into prototypes overnight.
  • Optimization - A large part of what we do involves improving efficiency under various constraints.You need to be adept at algorithms and foster a deep interest in creating the foundation for cognitive computing and machine learning to thrive.
  • Team Builder - It’s not just about your individual talents - you’ve developed a team around creating intuitive and addictive user experiences and can channel the potential from young talent toward on-time and amazing products
  • Still a coder - Ready to get your hands dirty with code and taking responsibility for all aspects of launching new products.
  • Up for the Challenge - Working on a platform with multiple products is exciting to you and you can handle the multiple deadlines and integration challenges that accompany this style of working.
  • Startup Growth - You’ve taken products, companies, and teams at mobile and ideally logistics-related startups from Level 3 to Level 10 before and are wise about how to handle growth, when to ditch old code, and prioritize what needs to get done today and what can wait a few more months.
  • Respect for Experience - You’re not just an engineer who loves to work on the latest and greatest technology. What drives you is the kind of experience your code, architecture, and stack create, the feelings your users experience. You don’t necessarily need to design UI yourself but you should have respect and humility for user capacity and treat is as the key constraint to what we deploy.
  • Tech stack agnostic - What tools we’re using only matters to you at a level of optimization, efficiency, and future capability. Other than this, you should feel comfortable switching between languages and frameworks with a broad exposure to multiple toolsets. Use of Clojure and other functional programming languages is a bonus.

Nice to have:

  • Geospatial Data - Experience with geospatial data and interfaces, especially leveraging open source resources.
  • Supply Chain/Logistics - Track record of building products in the logistics, hyper-local delivery, or supply chain management space with a broad range of users and multiple integrations with external tools, including payment gateways and social media sign-in’s.
  • Data Visualization - Data visualization expertise and background of simplifying analytics.
  • Telephony - Integration experience with telephony providers (SMS, IVR, etc.).
  • Hardware/Sensors - Hardware integration with sensors, mobile add-ons, and other technologies in the Smart Cities space.
  • Waste Management - Passion for the waste management space and an intuitive understanding of on-ground realities that constrain technology options.
Openings: 1
Status: Full-time or Part-time
Location: Bangalore or Remote

Join our research team to improve and implement the latest and greatest algorithms for real-time applications. You will design and implement, evaluate and improve high-performance, serial and parallel algorithms for optimization, simulation, statistics and data mining. You should have deep expertise in algorithm development, and the discipline to meet product release schedules.

Required Skills:

  • Reading, understanding and improving upon, and implementing algorithms.
  • Learning quickly, especially in new areas, building on a solid foundation of discrete mathematics, linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistics.
  • Implementing at least a few of the algorithms mentioned below, and more experience with these algorithms is a definite plus:
    • Simplex method for linear programming, a barrier or interior point method, a gradient-based nonlinear optimization method, a derivative-free method, or an evolutionary, genetic algorithm, tabu or scatter search based method.
    • Traveling salesman problems and other route optimization modules under multivariate constraints. Familiarity with Lagrangian multivariate optimization problems a plus
    • Branch and Bound methods, cutting plane (or Branch and Cut) methods, logic-based methods, or constraint programming methods for discrete search and optimization.
    • Monte Carlo methods, especially as used in simulation, including random number generation, stratified sampling, generation of correlated samples, distribution fitting, and MCMC methods; simulation optimization, stochastic linear programming, or robust optimization methods.
    • Multivariate statistical and machine learning methods, such as linear and logistic regression, discriminant analysis, principal components, k-nearest neighbors, classification and regression trees, neural networks.
Openings: 1
Status: Full-time or Part-time
Location: Bangalore or Remote

Help us quantify the full impact of choices we enable through our platform. So what if a single households decides to segregate at source? How does this change a community’s environmental impact? What is the granular benefit of diverting 5 tons of organic waste from landfills to a composting plant? What about segregating 5 tons of mixed waste into 3 tons of wet waste and 2 tons of dry waste?

  • These are some of the many questions you will help us answer. Once you’ve answered them, you will develop the algorithmic layer for all our impact calculations and ensure they are deployed sensibly across our back-end.
  • You must have a strong grounding in math, statistics, number theory, and probability. Dexterity with synthesizing massive models and borrowing from myriad research libraries is essential. An interest in and/or passion for waste management, environmental impact, and behavioral change is a huge benefit. So is a knack for creating easily interpreted data visualisations that help you communicate the story behind the numbers.
Openings: 1
Status: Full-time
Location: Bangalore

This is a cross-functional role for an analytical+efficiency-minded person who understands the importance of key metrics in driving enterprise-wise choices and decisions. You will build processes and systems for operations to run effectively across stakeholders, platforms, and technologies. If you know what a Six Sigma Black Belt does, or better yet, you have this already, you’re just the person we seek!

Must Have:

  • Work with commercial business units, collectors, processors (biogas plants, composting facilities, DWCCs, etc.) and aggregation points to develop and drive efficient and seamless operations
  • Develop the analytics and reporting relevant for rating, auditing, and ensuring efficiency and engagement across the business, including building dashboards and KPIs that engage and help our employees stay focused and perform better
  • Define, develop, analyze, and communicate key metrics and business trends to customers and operation teams and enable management-level decision-making
  • Execute quantitative and qualitative analyses that translates data into actionable insights and engagement into onboarding programs
  • Figure out onboarding and engagement processes for residential communities, businesses, collectors, and processors

Nice to have:

  • Strong background in statistical modelling and experience with statistical tools like R, SASS or SPSS
  • Ability to exploit Excel to handle spreadsheets and glean as much as possible
  • Prior consulting, process management, or operational experience in a rapidly growing startup, especially in the logistics/supply chain management space